Monday, October 28, 2013

Success with writing down my desires.

Looking back through my notes, I thought this list might be fun to share, as it's pretty recent.  I didn’t date this note, but it was probably written sometime in the last 2 years.   Here are a couple excerpts that I’d like to share.  These are things that have actually come to pass because I wrote them down:

“Most days I don’t know what I want for my life. If I had a magic wand, I wouldn’t know what to do with it. 
I would start with some physical changes like weight loss, healthy body, and nice shape.
I would wish for more sunlight time with Anna.
Time for walks during the daytime
More loving children around me with their loving, open hearts to share with.
Solid and Grounded, spiritually aware.
I would wave my wand and heal those around me, family, friends, myself.

There are two more on there that are still in the works, but these ones listed I already have under my belt:
     I have a healthy body!  I have a healthy body after living a full year with an “incurable” painful, auto-immune issue called lichen sclerosis. 
     I have more sunlight time with Anna.  She gets out of school now and home before 3 pm (much earlier than her 4:15 arrival last year.)  We get time to play outside in the sunlight every day now. 
     I get time for walks during the daytime.  I love this one.  I spent several years in an office during the day, during all the daylight hours it seemed.  I love the sunlight, and I enjoy it every day!  And I walk, sometimes twice a day.
     More loving children around me.  This is a big one!  Not only did we add Summer to the family, additionally we recently moved and now have about 8 houses on our street, filled with kids.  17, I believe, not including my own.  We are just 1 street in a neighborhood, with tons of kids on other streets as well.  Several in our age group love to come to our house and play on the swings.  I love all their happy little selves; they’re really nice children to have around. 
     Solid and grounded, spiritually aware.  So much so, that I thought I would burst.  Now here I am sharing it on a blog.  I can’t keep it inside.  I want to share what I have learned so that you can benefit too.  You can feel great seeing my success with writing things down for the universe to deliver, or you can try it and see what comes to you!
     I would wave my wand and heal those around me, family, friends, myself.  This one is a little bit of a stretch.  I did not heal everyone around me, but I did help facilitate healing for my mother.  I was the driver to her doctor appointments.  She is a cancer survivor, one full year now.  And as mentioned above, my body is healed now too.


Another powerful writing was for the house we’re currently living in. 

In the springtime of this year, I told Mike that I think we should start looking for another place to live.  We were getting a little cramped in our townhouse in Cary.  I also had a couple signs that it was time.  On two different occasions, after storms, we had branches that landed across our front walkway.  I wouldn’t have made any association, but the previous year, husband Mike told me that the girl next door wouldn’t be living there much longer and pointed out how the branches blocked her path to the door.  She moved that same year.  I’m not one for old wives tales, so I didn’t think much of it the first time it happened to us.  The second time it happened was pretty impressive; I even took pictures of all the many branches. 

But I didn’t find a house to rent in our price range that was right for us during those 2 months.  Lease renewal time came and went without incident.  But 7 days later, I received notice that the owner would be selling the house and we had 60 days to move.  So it was time, and Mike agreed it was a blessing in disguise.  I had been looking around the area for 2 months already, but nothing fit the guidelines for us.  Now the hunt was really on.  I looked everyday.  I started to get stressed since I had a specific time limit now.  I almost signed on a couple houses that were really not what we wanted, but they seemed to slip through my fingers so quickly anyways.  Guess it wasn’t meant to be.

I was already starting to pack my things with no place to go.  With just a little over 3 weeks left, I called one of my spiritual teachers and said, I think I need a healing.  I am really struggling with this house hunt.  The advice I received was to release any negative feelings I had pop in my head during meditation, or quiet time, even just while holding the baby during her nap time.  So I tried it, it worked the first time.  Ten minutes of quiet meditation putting my fears aside, and I was contacting my next landlord.  It was as if the ad was written to me!  I had chills.  I would have only been more shocked if it had my name right on the ad.  The follow up phone call answered all my remaining questions before I even asked them.  Here is what I wrote before finding this wonderful house in our new town:

Excellent schools, nice neighbors / neighborhood
Washer/Dryer on the same floor as beds.
Bright light, Large rooms and closets
Space to play
Yard / deck / grill
Comfortable, Inviting, Spacious, Good feelings
Clean, Well-kept
Mike wanted to be near woods and water and also gave me a price stipulation. 

We are at the end of a cul-de-sac, backed up to woods.  Deer, fox, and rabbits visit often.  We have more lakes around than I can count.  Everything I asked for I have, save for the grill that needs replaced still.  Bonus: Aldi’s opens Nov 7th, just 10 minutes away!  Yay!  

And just for fun, the girl next door, also from Pennsylvania, has red, curly hair, born on March 30th, 1974 - my exact date of birth.  Also attended private schools, and married to a great guy.  She has a half dozen kids, just what I said I would have had, if I knew how much fun having kids would be.  Totally neat-o.

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