Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sharing is fun for me, write to me with your inspirational thoughts!

I am excited about life and am looking to share inspired thoughts and experiences. I look forward to hearing from you.

I will trust the universe to deliver my desires by using the law of attraction.  Easy as using the law of gravity.  I know when I throw up the ball, it will come back down.  And I know that when I think abundant and loving thoughts, it will come back to me.  My focus today is on faith and gratitude in the universal laws.

I have my goal set on faith in the universal laws.  I will practice being grateful for many things I see today, from trees and grass to new healthy baby teeth and wonderful school teachers.  I will remember to remember.  Remember that my life flows beautifully.  Remember that even more wonderful beautiful things are in store for me.  Remember that I can change the world and impact the universe.  Remember that when I breathe deep, I breathe in the Life Force, which is God.  God is all things, all powerful, the greatest energy there is.  I radiate this energy and share my experiences with the whole of the universe.  I create my experience by recognizing how I am responsible for all that has come and all that will come to my experience.  By acknowledging and feeling more love, I open more receptors in the brain that can become even more aware of the wonders of the universe.  With my new awareness I will make an exciting impact going forward.  People will feel love and desire more of it in their lives.  The world is becoming more abundant and loving, and I am a part of it!