Friday, October 25, 2013

Why didn't someone tell me sooner?

I am so excited, and I can't wait to share it with you.  I have been doing an in depth study of a concept called the law of attraction.  You may have even heard about it on the Oprah show, referred to as The Secret.  For me, it's been working marvelously.  It's so exciting, I want to call each of you and spend hours sharing my stories.  I want to jump up and down with excitement!  It's still a fairly new concept to me, but I realize now I've been powerfully using it throughout my whole life.  Sometimes in great and wonderful ways, and sometimes not so great... as many of you know.

You may be thinking... So what if you're life is going so great, Ruthie; what does that have to do with me?  My life is going great too.  I have everything I need.  I have all my needs fulfilled.  I have this wonderful thing and that wonderful thing.  Everything's fine. 

So you have no problems and everything goes perfectly throughout every single day?  Then you've mastered it!  Mine hasn't gone so smoothly.  And even with the secret information that's been around for centuries, that I have, only now, just discovered, my life still has some areas for improvement.  I'm human.  And I used to think that was bad, but I've decided that it's great! Wonderful! Exciting!

The concepts have been woven throughout our lives, hidden in our verbage, our religion, our homes.  My dad was right!  He would tell me when I was sick, it's all in your mind.  And that's so great because now I know I can change my mind... sometimes I even change my mind 4 or 5 times before I leave a department store.  I can change my mind, simply change my thought, and my reality changes. These same powerful messages are in our children's stories.  Maybe you remember some of them from childhood: 

Hold on to your happy thought!  
Find your talent.
Sometimes I do 6 impossible things before breakfast.
Your wish is my command.

Those are messages in Peter Pan, Tinkerbell, Alice in Wonderland, and Aladdin.  So simple, yet these are some of the grandest keys to success.  Use your thoughts to create the best outcome.  Your talent is important to share with the world; it is significant!  Dream big!  Dream bigger!  Dream the impossible!  Expect the best.  All of my wishes have come to me.  

I'll say that again.  All of my wishes have come to me!  Wow!  Can you believe that?  I'm flabbergasted!  I had fears; they came to pass.  I had dreams; they came to pass.  I had doubts; they came to pass.  I had successes and failures; all things I expected.  Because that's life, right?  No, because that's what I was taught life was supposed to be.  I was taught these ideas, that were lacking.  These thoughts helped shape my reality.  I heard, life is rough out there.  I heard it's a dog eat dog world.  I heard, you can't do that.  I heard, you can't always get what you want.  But now I have some new thoughts.  Now I will try to teach myself, my children, and anyone that will listen, that life is meant to be abundant, joyful, and happy.  I will release my fears during silent moments throughout my day.  I will let the Spirit take those thoughts that are less than happy and take them away.  I will stay focused on my new happy thoughts.

Some of my thoughts just needed better direction:
   Instead of "I need to lose weight", I now say, "I am the perfect shape, no matter what."
I recently learned that a desire to lose weight creates the well known yo-yo effect.  I am always then needing to lose weight.  Now with my new thought, my body can reflect my thoughts and hold the perfect weight.  
   I also held the silly belief that I should only expect my needs to be met.  Having my wants and desires, once meant that I was selfish or greedy.  But my new thoughts include the image of myself as a true creation of God; perfection along with everything that I need or want is for me, and always for my highest good.
   But everyone on the entire earth can't be abundant; there's not enough to go around.  Nonsense.  Another dumb idea I had.  It is a natural state to be abundant.  It's obvious what brings happiness.  I feel best when I have more.  I feel best when I am rested, loved, giving, sharing.  That is not the case when I am lacking in finances or self confidence or love.  I feel great when I am abundant, prosperous, and full of love.  I make a positive impact on the world when I feel these wonderful feelings. 

Great, how do I get started?
Grab your happy thought.  Your best thought about your life, your best thought about your body, your best thought you can think.  Then hold it all day.  
… But now I have to go feed baby.  Oh and take this call.  Oh my, I'm dashing to my next appointment.  Who has time to create and then focus all day?  This sounds like work.  Well, how about starting with a piece of paper and a pen.  Bedtime is my best time.  Make a list of what you want in your life.  Pretend you're at life's restaurant.  Peruse the menu.  Jot down a couple things.  Feel great just because it feels so great to dream!   Knowing what you don’t want is helpful, but turn it around to what you really do want.  For example.  “I don’t want to live here.” should be stated, “I want to live in such and such place…” or “I want to live somewhere that is for my highest good.”

Not sure what to dream?
Many times, I have that happen too.  So, start with gratitude, get lots and lots of gratitude for all you have.  Here, you can even borrow some of mine.

1.   I’m so grateful for a wonderful spacious, bright home and yard for my family to play.
2.   A loving husband that is a delight! a great cook! so fun to have around!
3.   Healthy, loving family, good schools, great neighborhood.
4.   Free books, cd’s, dvd’s at the library. Everyone loves free!
5.   The wonderful acknowledgment that I can create my life.
6.   All my dreams come true!  Wow!  I feel like Cinderella!  And it keeps getting better!
7.   Clean water to drink.  And I love hot showers (Thanks Grandma Elaine for that insight!)
8.   Ability to learn and grow, control my thoughts and outcomes.
9.   Ability to see the earth’s beauty.
10.  A sense of purpose and belonging.  Acceptance of self.
11.  Morning Coffee and wonderful surroundings.
12.  Expecting the best. (Thank you, Liz for that insight!)
13.  Super grateful for all the wonderful things still to come in my life.  I love to be delighted!  I love the anticipation of wonderful things to come.
14.  Now possessing the tools to have a better life and a better world and a better universe.

One more time
Use your mind to create something wonderful.  It only takes a couple minutes to place your order.  Save your written note to come back and compare later.  (Details. Details!)  Expect the best.  Once you manifest your desire, share what you have done.  If I can do it, you can do it. 

Don't get hung up on how it will happen.  Just know that when you place your order with the universe, it always delivers.  It's the natural way.  Your thoughts will produce real physical events and very tangible objects.  You can manifest your desires into your life with just your thoughts.  So think.  Think big!  Feel it!

Just try it.  What do you have to lose.  Write something down right now that you want.  If you have never done this before, you are going to be astonished. Write something descriptive and small to start with.  A colorful pebble, a particular feather.  What you ask for, you will get.  Make it unique, but not impossible.  Ask for something that you can believe will show up in your life.  Later, we will work on asking for the impossible things.