Monday, March 10, 2014

Heroes in Southern Pines today

Shortly after the lunch hour, a woman pulled through the light on US 1 at Pinehurst Avenue today in Southern Pines, while another motorist frantically pounded on her window from the outside.  Inside the car, the driver was slumped over leaning on the window.  My husband assessed the situation from the oncoming traffic, hopped out, and ran through the intersection to stop the small SUV.  In response, three other male motorists immediately hopped out to aid in slowing the heavy vehicle.  Inside, an exhausted woman was having a seizure.  With airway cleared and no one injured, he returned to our car and finished my call to 911 with more details.  A nurse pulled in behind the immobilized SUV to further assess the situation.  It was just another day in Southern Pines for my husband, who has stopped to help hundreds along the roadway throughout his life.  He reported that God must be watching over that girl, as her door was unlocked and her foot merely slid off the brake, luckily not onto the gas pedal.  He was only glad I could be witness to see him do what he always does.  I felt an immediate air of love as I looked in my rear view mirror to see those heroes, everyday people helping or just patiently waiting and giving plenty of space on a busy intersection.  No horns. No fuss. Just love in our town.