Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Years Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are a great way to start anew each year by setting goals for ourselves.  In past years, I’ve made a few health and happiness goals which I easily dropped by Feb or March.  With my newly learned information from The Secret, I have set my goals higher than ever. 

This year, I have constructed a vision board with photos that invoke the strongest feelings.  I have beautiful pictures of clean water, healthy foods, perfect health, inviting home and landscapes, a writing career, family vacation resorts, and even a fun roller coaster image for the kids.  I have always had success with writing down my desires and having them magically show up in my life; so I continue to do some of that too.  

Ironically, as soon as I began my new health focus this year, a couple things jumped out at me right away.  One of the great ways I know something is right for me, is that it will show up several times.  Repeating symbols, words, or recommendations have led me to things that changed my life dramatically.  Synchronicities are God’s nifty way of pointing me in the right direction.

This has worked with Kelp, which I still use in place of medicines for hypothyroidism; I learned of Essiac tea that has kelp in it through a local healer, which at first I ignored.  But then shortly thereafter, I was watching Armageddon Week on the History Channel, and I learned that Edgar Cayce made over 14,000 psychic predictions, most of which were about healing.  So I researched his recommendations for hypothyroidism, and when I looked back through my email, there were the same 8 ingredients of the tea in an email to me from that healer.  Familiar with how well coincidences work like directional signs in my life, I ordered up my first free sample and haven’t taken thyroid medicine since.  Matter of fact, it worked so well that my hair began to grow back in, and weight that I struggled with for a decade seemed to melt away that very year.  I continue to use the ingredient kelp from that tea to manage nearly 30 symptoms of Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and the kelp does something the medicines could never do.  Kelp began to reverse the effects and damage of the illness.  No longer just maintaining, I am living life more fully with thicker hair, better skin and nails, and better quality of life.  It’s been 7 years without thyroid medicine.

Coincidences also led me to Aloe, which facilitated my healing from Lichen Sclerosis, an autoimmune disorder, which presents itself on the skin in little black dots over white skin, sometimes with a rash.  Apparently, the Essiac Tea should not be taken during pregnancy, even if doctors say it's okay.  One of the ingredients is Red Clover, which is an estrogen enhancing herb, which led to the autoimmune issue during my pregnancy.  Oxalates, from sweet plants like spinach for example, make their way through a tear in the stomach lining and can be painful when they reach the skin level.  So I began researching diets like GAPS, SCD, and the low oxalate diet.  I learned through my research that people were healing all kinds of things like autism, ADD, and other immune disorders through food!  They use food as medicine.  Now during that time, I had 2 people recommend Aloe for general health (thank you good friend Cheryl and Grandma Elaine), and then coincidently I came across a book online called The Code of Life, which happened to be all about healing with Aloe.  What a terrific find!  I only lived with that auto-immune issue for a year and a half, but others live with it for a lifetime.  There are answers for those that will seek and look for the repeat signs, the synchronicities, the meaningful coincidences in life.

The Kelp and the Aloe were not the only 2 times I have had repeating signs, these just happened to be 2 really big ones for me related to health.  This year with perfect health in mind, I have learned about seed cycling to regulate hormones, and recently read the book Wheat Belly.  Seed cycling is easy, so I began that right away.  I was able to find all the ingredients at my local grocery for under $20. 

Now, aside from the low-oxalate diet, I have never tried a fad diet.  I have not done Atkins, Nutrisystem, SouthBeach, or any others.  Although, I know that others have had success, I was never drawn to these.  I believe that the body works like a machine if you give it what it needs.  I am not always sure what my machine needs, but I do believe that I can have a healthy body by eating and living healthy.  Again, reading Wheat Belly was going to be for informational purposes only, not something I planned to follow through with.  It came highly recommended through one of my favorite authors, Wayne Dyer, and my local library happened to have it available.

Both the seed cycling and Wheat Belly were synchronicities for me, appearing more than once.  The Wheat was a little more of a shocker for me.  I read a book once about wheatgrass, which was about a girl healing herself with just wheatgrass.  That book was given to me years ago by Grandma Elaine and was one of the first books I read about the body being able to heal itself.  It was a wonderful introduction to the years that would follow, where I would learn to heal naturally.  I never tried wheatgrass, but I believe it is a wonderful way to heal.  But I didn’t see it in my grocery store, and I wasn’t ready to grow my own crops yet.

So recently, when I came across the Wheat Belly book, it seemed counterintuitive to my previous findings about the healing power of wheat.  It seems that wheat is actually bad for us.  The wheatgrass book was written at a time before genetically modified foods came along.  The Wheat Belly book covers the health issues related to today’s genetically modified crops.  I am on day 7 wheat free, and I feel better than I have in months.  I immediately dropped a couple pounds and my bloated feeling went away.  Numbness and tingling has disappeared from my arms and legs.  My allergies seem to be doing better also.  I was sad to give up my favorite sprouted grain bread, but the results are just astounding.  I no longer have food cravings every two hours and learned that I actually have a normal appetite, not an eating disorder!  That’s great news; I just thought there was something wrong with me. 

Truth be told, I miss the wheat.  I long for the comfort, but instead I have immersed myself in semi-sweet chocolate morsels to fill the void.  The chocolate chips are perfect because unlike a pack of cookies, a bag of chips, or just a piece of bread, I can actually eat a handful and feel satisfied…. all evening. 

I remember the first time I was advised to avoid the white and wheat flours.  It was right after I started using Essiac Tea almost 7 years ago.  I met a wonderful friend, Sunny Wang, who I did not realize upon meeting, was so intuitively inclined.  She proposed the idea to me, stating I had an emotional attachment to the processed flours.  I tried for years to avoid it, but it was only for short times that I could go without.  As soon as I would stop by my sister’s house and smell her delicious meals, I would cave in and eat, being very grateful for a warm, home-cooked meal.  When I read the Wheat Belly book last week, the bad addiction is mentioned.  It was harder for me to cut back than to completely eliminate it.  It’s only week one, but the importance of health weighs heavy with me.  I feel some improvements already, and I know the synchronicities are my clue to what will work best for me.    

Be sure to look for your synchronicities, your neat, little meaningful coincidences to point you in the right direction for your life, your health, your highest good.