Thursday, November 14, 2013

Hey God, are you there?

is a fun book I am reading; the name is a spin off of Einstein’s formula E=MC².  In it there are 9 energy experiments to prove that your thoughts create reality.  This book was a wonderful gift from my great friend Cheryl, and I was excited to get started right away.  The experiments in the book are easy, and the book is light-hearted and fun.  So the first experiment is to ask God for a blessing or miracle within a 48 hour period.  So, I marked down the time and date and got excited about it. 

I was really excited about it actually!  God has parted the Red Sea, created heaven and earth and all that resides in it.  And I just asked the almighty for a miracle.  I just knew it was going to be something marvelous!  He has already blessed me in so many ways, and I can’t wait.  I have lots of room for improvements in my life still.  I might wake up tomorrow and fit in my clothes from before pregnancy.  I might wake up and not have to dye my hair ever again; it might just be the perfect shade of red.  Maybe some other glorious thing will surprise me.  Needless to say, I was excited.  Following the instructions in the book, I put aside all doubts for just a measly 48 hours and waited.  Anxiously waited.

That time came and went.  Nothing.  I couldn’t believe it.  Maybe I’m already so blessed.  I was clueless what my miracle could be.  I talked to others trying to figure out what it might have been.  Nothing came.  Then one day, standing in the kitchen, it occurred to me that it’s probably inside me; that’s why I couldn’t see it.  So I thought maybe I won’t have to take my water pill anymore, or maybe it’s that cyst on my back disappeared.  But I still needed the water pill, and the cyst is still there.  Bummer.  Days, weeks, nothing.  I stopped reading the book since I couldn’t get through the first step in the book.  I had read ahead in the book and it was fun nonetheless, but I was still slightly put off.  I mean, He can’t be too busy feeding the hungry to ignore the rest of us.  I called on God, and He didn't show, or I’m too dense to figure out how He showed up.

But alas, I ate some noodles and such this past week, and I believe the Candida (yeast) in my body has finally balanced.  Around the C-Section surgery from over a year ago, I have broken out with red spots every time I eat bread, pasta, or the like.  The baby doesn’t seem to be getting spots anymore either, which she would have in her diaper from breast feeding.  In her earlier months, she had Thrush in her mouth.  So, I believe this was my miracle.  I received a healing!  I am back in balance!  It’s so awesome to call on God; He’s there, even if it takes a while for me to see it.  I will pick up the book and resume here soon.  I am full of gratitude, as I had no idea how I would get my system balanced.  After researching so much on Candida last year, I was sure it would not be an easy fix.  Turns out it was!  God is so silly and great!  I love it!  What a delightful surprise, indeed!

Facts about Candida
·        Everybody has candida as part of their gut flora.
·        It lives harmlessly on skin and mucus membranes too.
·        An imbalance can be brought on by antibiotics, pregnancy, or stress related factors.

Definition of a Miracle
A surprising and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore considered to be the work of a divine agency. (ref. google search)