Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How illusions worked for my waistline

My older and much wiser brother once posed to me the craziest idea.  What if we are just brains in a Petri dish that someone can just poke when they want.  It was absurd, but being a big fan of philosophy during my college years, I hung on to this idea of needing proof.  So one of my favorite lessons was that I think, therefore I am – René Descartes.  With the latest scientific findings, even that lesson from college is questionable.

Recently, Deepok Chopra was asked by Oprah what he knows for certain.  He was very matter of fact in stating that there is nothing we know for certain.  He explained how humbling it is to look up to the heavens and see all the galaxies, and that even what we could see was only .01% of what is actually there.  

I would like to think that I know certain things undeniably, like there is a God, angels, and universe.  But really what do I know for certain?  With the latest science of Quantum Physics, we learn that our thoughts and expectations are what determine the outcome.  It’s mind-blowing.  Mike Dooley states that thoughts are things.  Norman Vincent Peale wrote about the power of positive thinking.  The Secret by Rhonda Byrne was my favorite.  We create with our thoughts.  We are the powerful creators of our universe. 

So what does this have to do with my waistline?  I know, brains in petri dishes and positive thoughts sound nice, but I still can’t squeeze into my favorite jeans even after thinking about it for a very long time and then trying again, unsuccessfully.  But this morning I remember back to a time not long ago when it did actually work for me.  My thoughts from yesterday created the person I saw in the mirror, so I changed my mirror and, in turn, changed my thoughts about myself, and I began to become the person in the mirror.

So here’s how it worked.  I leaned my full length mirror up against the wall which created the illusion of a thinner me.  It seems the mirror bowed slightly, like a fun house mirror, but not as exaggerated.  I only looked at this mirror each day right before I left for work.  Then I held this image of myself, instead of the version of me in the bathroom mirror.  I saw the reflection of a thinner person everyday.  Within that year, I became that thinner person in the full length mirror.  I used the illusion of a thinner person to become a thinner person.  I also ate lots of healthy foods to become a healthier person and ultimately, with positive thoughts, I was attracting all the very best things in my life. 

One of my favorite songs to sing to baby before I put her in her crib is Row, Row, Row your boat.  The best part is, Life is but a dream.  Seems that life really is like a dream, what I dream, according to quantum physics.  Seems like my older brother may have been more wise, than wise-guy.  Dream it and it can become your reality.  Think it, write it, make a vision board, and these things will show up in your life.  Think life is tough?   And is your life tough?  Maybe it’s time to think a new thought.  Maybe life is actually joyful and happy, full of love and wonder.  That’s a thought I’d like to hold, everyday, every moment.  

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  1. I loved it. You go girl. I think you can teach me a few things.
    The student has become the teacher. Love you