Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Visit with an angel

I love this time of year with the change of the season and settling into a new mode of indoor activities. Although I am a summertime sunbather at heart, each season offers something special. Soul searching and reflection seems to come to mind each year about this time. I am reading a book titled, The Greatest Miracle in the World, written by Og Mandino. He also authored The Greatest Salesman in the World. He is captivating in his descriptions and details, and yet still able to move along quickly in his story and plot; the book is only 119 pages, a fraction the size of others I entertain.

So within the pages I am reminded of the miracle of the human being with the ability to function effortlessly. The ability to breathe without thinking, blood pumping without notice, cells regenerating over and over throughout our whole lifespan. We are more than just our blood and breath and many wonderful self-generating parts of our body. We are unique with not a single one exactly like us before or after. We are not just a brain, but come with intuition and creative abilities that exceed any other animal on the planet. It's an amazing set up and one that I am excited to experience.

This reading also brought me back to a memory not long ago when Anna was born. I was revisiting the hospital emergency room a couple weeks after her birth with shortness of breath and quite a bit of water retention. I was scared, new mom, new baby, new health issues. I was visited by a Dr. Christopher Byrd that was extraordinarily tall and loving. I don't remember any other doctors' names, not even the ones that I visited with for the 9 months before delivery. I only remember this particular doctor, like an angel at my side, assuring me that I did the right thing coming in to the doctor as a heart attack would have surely followed. His warmth and visit stuck with me all these years and yes, even his name and tall stature. He told me he was a cardiologist, but I was never able to find him again. I only asked at the hospital once and also checked the yellow pages and online. I did find a Christopher Byrd, a family practitioner, and even went to visit him, but alas, not the same.

See, I was visited by an angel that day. Whether he was physical or non-physical I may never know. And now it really doesn't matter. The reassurance that glows with pure heavenly light doesn't need to come with wings and a halo. Love is there when you need it. Love is here when you ask and even when you don't. You are the miracle of God, with all your working parts. Magnificent. Perfect in every way. Blessed with love. We are here, each in our uniqueness, experiencing the miracle of being here, choosing and selecting precisely from the vast array of all that life has to offer here on the planet.

Thank you, Og, for sharing your visit with an angel, and reminding me of mine.